Call the New Haven Coordinated Access Network “CAN”
at 2-1-1 to access shelter and housing services or contact Liberty at 203-495-7600 or info@libertycs.org for more information.

Permanent Supportive Housing

Permanent Supportive Housing includes the financial and case management assistance necessary to end homelessness. This housing is accessed through the New Haven Coordinated Access Network (“CAN”) which begins when the person who is homeless calls 211. If selected the applicant pays 30% of his/her income for the rent. Our programs includes:

Safe Haven

Safe Haven consists of 33 permanent studio housing units  located on the third floor of 210 State Street in New Haven where services are available on-site. 

Housing First/Safe Haven Scattered Sites 

Safe Scattered Site Programs providing permanent residence for individuals who have been chronically homeless and are already clients of Liberty. Services include rental assistance, in-home and off-site supportive housing case management, individual counseling, and independent skill development and vocational referrals. Residents must be chronically homeless. It offers 35 units in the New Haven community. Client share of fees are 30% of his/her income.

Additional Permanent Housing

Liberty’s additional permanent housing includes the financial and case management assistance to end homelessness.  The housing is accessed directly through Liberty and requires that the applicant be homeless and have a chronic health condition and pay 30% of income towards the rent.  Our programs includes:

Independent Living Program (ILP) 

ILP consists of 35 program slots in private apartments in the community. Clients choose his/her preferred apartment with a private landlord in a location determined by the client.  Case management services are available at the Liberty office or in the home. 

Cannon House

Cannon House consists of 18 units in shared suites in multi-family houses.  It provides permanent housing for homeless people who are living with chronic illness. 

Rapid Rehousing 

Liberty provides Rapid Rehousing to single men and women who are literally homeless.  The program involves short-term to medium term subsidies and case management.  Subsidies are capped by a dollar and time limit with the intention that the tenant will afford independently a permanent unit after the assistance has ended.  Client chooses his/her preferred apartment in a location determined by the client.


Day Programs

Safe Haven Day Program

Located at our Safe Haven facility, the Day Program provides lunch, access to showers, laundry, medical care, and groups for people who are in shelters and need a place to go during the day.   The program is open Monday through Saturday.  The program serves 120 people annually.

Case Management Programs

Greater New Haven Behavioral Health Collaborative

This includes an outreach program for people who are homeless and need treatment and also housing program case management for 40 individuals in the community. 


Liberty provides housing case management and connects with medical support for people who are homeless. Special focus on those leaving prison and includes efforts to develop medical homes. 

Food Programs

Sunrise Café

Sunrise Café is a free breakfast program located at 57 Olive Street in downtown New Haven that is open 5 days a week. Guests receive a cooked breakfast and access to the community space from 7:30am to 10am.  We serve 120-140 people on a daily basis.

Employment Services


RESPECT is a mobile work program that provides temporary jobs to people who are homeless with the goal of moving them to continued employment by the end of the program.  The work involves beautification projects in New Haven. RESPECT was made possible through a grant from Alexion Pharmaceuticals.  Alexion and The City of New Haven are instrumental partners in this project.

Income and Employment Services

An employment case manager provides assistance to Liberty permanent supportive housing program participants to increase their earned and other income.

Other Programs

Shared & Affordable Housing Program

This program addresses housing needs of people who do not have rental subsidies, are not eligible for homeless services rental subsidies and who have income.  The resources offered are matches with people of similar lifestyles to share multi-bedroom apartments.  The Coordinator negotiates with landlords to include as many utilities as possible to make housing affordable.  Additionally, the program provides training on fair housing, budgeting, conflict resolution, etc.  People who participate in the program are able to be safely housed as they work to increase their income and build creditworthiness.

Library Social Services Office Hours

Liberty provides social service office hours six days per week at the New Haven Free Public Library. Liberty staff meet with seeking information on housing, re-entry services, employment, benefits, accessing medical or mental health care or any other issue the patron may have. Liberty staff have posted hours and the service is free. 

Homelessness Prevention

Liberty provides grants for rental arrearage to prevent eviction and security deposits for people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness.



Main Office

129 Church Street
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Safe Haven

210 State Street
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M-F, 9:00am–5:00pm


Safe Haven Day Program

M-Th, 8:30am–3:30pm

Sat, 10:00am–2:00pm

It’s a positive place to get off the streets, wash clothes, shower and eat two meals...
— Liberty Client